Everything You Need To Know About Best E Cig

E-cigarette is an alternative that completely replaces a classic cigarette. There is no danger of harmful substances found in the combustion of tobacco. The purpose of the cigarette is to “mimic” the traditional cigarette, the smoker gives the same feeling that it receives by smoking the traditional cigarette, but without the danger to its health and at a significantly lower price.

The E-cigarette is very simple, by activating the battery the atomizer evaporates liquid consisting of natural and completely harmless substances (glycerol glycol with or without nicotine). The classic cigarette burns produces thousands of toxic substances that are harmful to our body. Using e-cigarettes you will completely eliminate this danger and notice the difference in a short time! Except for the health effect of electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than cigarette boxes. The money you give for one cigarette box is enough for a five-day e-smoking. The invention of electronic cigarettes arrived in Europe a few years ago. This new way of smoking is quickly accepted by smokers all over the world and the number of e-cigarette users grows every day. Statistically, the vast majority of people who tried and started using an electronic cigarette managed to reduce or completely stop using the traditional cigarette.

The invention of e-cigarettes is today attributed to Chinese Hon Liu, which in 2003 started commercializing this product, but the birth of e-cigarettes is much older. Already in 1965, American scientist Herbert A. Gilbert patented the first rudimentary electronic cigarette with the intention of replacing the smoke of cigarettes with steam. He succeeded in his project, but apparently it was too early to have his patent revived. Today, electronic cigarettes enjoy the right boom around the world, thanks to the information and technology available to us to improve this product.