Best E Cig-Fundamentals Explained

Cigarette smoking is okay if you are smoking within your premises only or in smoking areas, but when public smoking is already involved, it is already a problem for you. We know for a fact that it is already prohibited unlike before where every corner of the street, there are smokers falling in line. In the contrary, however, smoking electronic cigarette in public areas is allowed. Electronic cigarettes bring no danger to one’s health and to the people around you. This is different from tobacco cigarettes where smoking causes illnesses and may cause much worse to non-smokers through second hand smoke. As this problem arises, smoking is becoming more conscious to the smokers. Yes, we are a free country, but can we not smoke? Of course you may! By means of the e-cig, your world can be changed into a healthier and new way of living.

Why is it that it is healthier to smoke the electronic cigarette or e-cig? This is possible because what you are sipping in the e-cig is not any harmful substance rather it is only water vapour that is produced. E-cig is different from tobacco cigarettes because of the latter’s harmful substances and chemicals that it contains. This is the reason why it is easy to acquire diseases in cigarette smoking. The unwanted chemicals can enter your body by just one sip of cigarette.

Another characteristic that e-cig has is it does not make you smell stinky. If you sip the vapour, the air that will come out of your mouth is colorless and odourless as well. But if your electronic cigarette has flavour, the scent of that flavour will only be smelled. In addition to this, there is no need for you to be getting rid of the filter after smoking. If you open the e-cig, you will see the cartridge. This cartridge contains a fluid which is the reason why you are capable of sipping vapour. Once this goes empty, you may refill it either by e-fluid or by another cartridge.